777 unique collectible and tradable dragons stored on the Ethereum blockchain. There are plenty of reasons to own a dragon! Check out the stats, owners, and the art below and on OpenSea to see why these dragons are amazing collectibles. CryptoPunk Dragons are ERC-1155 NFT tokens and are great as user avatars and other ways to showcase your online identity.

The CryptoPunk Dragons are uniquely generated using python code creating randomized variations of each dragon based on the algorithm specifications. Each dragon is own-able by a single wallet on OpenSea. Using OpenSea allows you to lookup, bid, buy, and trade these dragons. Please visit our collection on OpenSea or click on a dragon below to purchase your very own CryptoPunk Dragon. Joining our twitter, instagram, and checking this website will let you know whether any giveaways or drops are on the way.

The major attribute is dragon RankWhelpling, Wyrm, Drake, Dragon, Elder Dragon, Ancient Dragon, Mythical Dragon which are listed in order of increasing rarity and denoted by the background colors on the NFT. Examples of each from the collection are shown below.

There are 299 Whelplings, 175 Wyrms, 127 Drakes, 103 Dragons, 52 Elder Dragons, 13 Ancient Dragons, and 8 Mythical Dragons.

Let’s look at the other attributes.


There are 11 elemental attributes that can be assigned to dragons. The most common element is Frost and the rarest element is Skeletal. The element of each dragon can be seen by looking at the fill of the dragon. The full list of elements is as follows.

Eye Color

Eye colors are represented by 4 pixels in the head of each dragon. There are 7 possible eye colors as dragon traits. The most common eye color is Green and the most rare eye color is White.

Eye Position

Eye position is the other trait associated with dragon eyes. There are 6 possible traits with the eyes of dragons. The Lower Right is the most common type with 348 dragons and the Upper Left is the most rare type with 7 dragons.


The Beard options are less varied than other traits with 4 possible options. The most common type is None with 404 dragons and the least common type is Goatee with 73 dragons.


The Mouth attribute is an interesting feature which determines the mouth area of the dragon. The most common trait is Toothy with 394 dragons. Toothy is displayed as an almost piano key-like tooth pattern. The least common trait is None which only 7 dragons have.

Nose Color

The Nose Color trait includes 7 possible options including Black, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, and Purple. The most common trait is Black with 187 dragons and the least common trait is Purple with 67 dragons.


The least complex trait is the dragon Spine. The most common trait is Spiky with 562 dragons and the least common trait is None with 68 dragons.


The Accessory trait is the most diverse with 22 options. Most dragons (446 dragons) do not have an accessory. The rarest accessory is the Lightning Sword with just 2 dragons possessing this trait (CryptoPunk Dragon #183 and CryptoPunk Dragon #621).